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What Happened with the Web Site?
By Daniel Valles, Posted to Editor's Blog: 07/09/2017

Back around July 10, 2016, we experienced a quickly-growing amount of web traffic, from all the visitors who were learning more about the celestial signs, the Star of Bethlehem signs, and the Shiloh sign. Due to the overwhelming traffic, our hosting provider could not adequately keep up, and so the site had to be shut down for technical overload reasons.

However, at the time, the Lord gave incredible peace about the situation, indicating that I needed to focus more on the video work and Youtube ministry. I knew that I could not physically keep up with the demands of both the website authorship and writing, as well as full-time video production. One had to give.

Thankfully, the Lord gave direction, peace, and wisdom for the steps that we needed to take. The break from the website allowed us to focus on video and print resource production - that most likely would not have happened otherwise. Now that a year’s work of resource development has been completed, and the video work is tapering off a bit, (Lord willing) we are working on re-establishing the website, mainly for archive purposes, and for last-minute learning for those who need a better library of searchable information, instead of just videos.

May the Lord use this website to answer many questions, inform the learning, and strengthen the faith of believers! Maranatha!

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